Days of the Week in Russian Video Lesson

Posted on September 26th, 2012

Russian days of the weekDid you know that the week starts on Monday in Russian culture? It’s true! Often, on Monday morning while getting ready for work, we cringe: “Понедельник – день тяжёлый” (Monday is a difficult day)…. Everyone knows Mondays are tough: back to work, back to school, back to our daily chores and responsibilities. I’d say my favorite day of the week is Saturday. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know that you have a whole day to enjoy with your friends and family without having to think about work (well, in most cases)?
You have probably already guessed that today we will talk about the days of the week in Russian. I’ve put together a quick video below to help you learn Russian pronunciations. Here you go! Enjoy!

These are the days of the week in Russian, starting from Monday.

Понедельник [pa-nee-DYEL’-neek] Monday
Вторник [FTOR-neek] Tuesday
Среда [sree-DA] Wednesday
Четверг [cheet-VERH] Thursday
Пятница [PYAT-nee-tsa] Friday
Суббота [soo-BO-ta] Saturday
Воскресенье [vas-krye-SYEN’-ye] Sunday

Sayings and Expressions About the Days of the Week in Russian

Let’s look at a few interesting old Russian sayings and expressions. The first two are still popular and you might hear them from native speakers. The last three, on the other hand, are not so popular and they are rarely used, but you might still come across them.

Понедельник – день тяжёлый.
[pa-nee-DYEL’-neek DYEN’ tya-ZHO-liy]
Monday is a difficult day.

Here is what we say about a person who keeps changing his mind:
У тебя семь пятниц на неделе.
[oo tee-BYA SYEM’ PYAT-neets na nee-DYE-lye]
You keep changing your mind (translation is not literal).

Пятницы конец — рабочей неделе венец.
[PYAT-nee-tsi ka-NYETS ra-bo-chyey nee-DYE-lye vee-NYETS]
Friday ends the work week.

Кто в пятницу дело начинает, у того оно будет пятиться.
[hto f PYAT-nee-tsoo DYE-la na-chee-NA-yet oo ta-VO a-NO BOO-dyet PYA-tee-tsa]
If you start something on Friday, you will never finish it.

По пятницам мужики не пашут, бабы не прядут.
[pa PAYT-nee-tsam moo-zhee-KEE nee PA-shoot, BA-bi nee prya-DOOT]
On Fridays,men don’t plough and women don’t spin yarn.

More sayings and proverbs in Russian you can find in – Russian Sayings and Proverbs .

You can also learn Russian idioms by watching video slang and idioms lessons 1 through 38.You can find them on the Sitemap at the top of the site. Here is Russian Slang and Idioms lesson 38.

Do you know any other expressions about the days of the week in Russian? What is your favorite day of the week? Are there any other topics you would be interested in? Leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you!

And of course, as always, have fun learning Russian! :)


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