Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 19.

Posted on November 8th, 2010

Hi, this is Victoria and! Welcome to Russian idioms lesson 19!

Here is the video:

Одним махом [ad-NIM MA-hom]
Одним махом means in one go.
For example:
Саша выиграл одним махом.
[SA-sha VEE-ig-ral ad-NIM MA-hom]
Sasha won in one go.

Каша в голове [KA-sha v ga-la-VYE]
Каша is cereal, porridge, and  головa is head. We say that someone has Каша в голове or cereal in his head when someone’s thoughts are not clear.
For example:
У меня каша в голове.
[oo mi-NYA KA-sha v ga-la-VYE]
My head is in a muddle. (My thoughts are not clear).

Куда Макар телят не гонял [koo-DA ma-KAR tye-LYAT ni ga-NYAL]
Куда Макар телят не гонял means very far.
Let’s take a look at an example:
Я еду в командировку туда, куда Макар телят не гонял.
[ya YE-doo v ka-man-di-ROV-koo too-DA, KOO-da ma-KAR tye-LYAT ni ga-NYAL]
I am going on assignment that is far away from home.

Great job on learning new idioms. Good luck on the test!

1. What is “cereal” in Russian?
2. Which Russian idiom means “in one go”?
3. Please translate into Russian using the appropriate idiom that you have learnt today: “My new job is very far from home”.

I hope you had Russian4real lesson today!

I’ll see you soon!



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