Students' responses

Students' responses

Maksym A. has been tutoring me in Russian via Skype. I selected Maxim because I enjoyed studying his UTube videos about the declinations of nouns, pronouns and adjectives where he gives examples for each case. He responded promptly when I inquired and worked patiently with me to make the arrangements to get started. Maxim provided a placement test which I enjoyed and further convinced me that I had found the right person for directing my studies. He has a balanced approach of using a text book, personalized translations, conversational dialog and covering other material. Maxim has created personized audio files and google share files online for me in addition to the hour lessons we have scheduled. Maxim has a positive disposition such that I have felt uplifted by every session and most importantly he has helped me to progress in business language skills.

- Thomas W.

Trust me it is a pleasure to work with Maxim ! In my experience of learning the language I have met many teachers, including the native one. Though the most effective approach turned out to be that of Maxim – the approach to his students, the study materials and diversity. Attention to details, needs of the learners, preparation and delivering the classes in a friendly atmosphere are a hallmark of Maxim .
Maxim helped me in my preparation to enter the master’s degree. Maxim ’s knowledge and experience of taking international language exams and interviews was a big advantage for in the preparation process. Different variations of questions and answers, appropriate and timely points, details, strategies, tests and a thorough analysis of the results became the key to my successful admission. In this there is a significant contribution from Maxim ; that is what I am grateful to him for.
I am sure that Maxim ’s business will thrive and there will be more and more students!

- Duman A.

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The courses of Russian as a foreign language with Russian4real take place online via Skype. The teacher works with adults individually since he is convinced that each person must receive maximum time for practice and professional attention while learning a foreign language.