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20 Words & Expressions from the Conversational Russian Video Course

Posted on December 22nd, 2014

In my previous post I shared my own story that inspired me to create my Conversational Russian video course. Today I’d like to share 20 words and expressions from the course.

Conversational Russian video course was created to help Russian language learners who already have some basic, intermediate or even advanced knowledge of the language and are looking to improve their vocabulary and learn new words and phrases. The idea behind the course is to bridge the gap between the more formal version of Russian (usually taught in textbooks) and spoken Russian that is used in informal situations.

The phrases that I picked for the course are widely used in spoken Russian. Conversational Russian video course introduces you to the additional vocabulary that you will hear from the native Russian speakers.

Now let’s get to the fun part: 20 words and expressions taken from different lessons from the Conversational Russian video course.

Каки́ми судьба́ми?
[ka-KEE-mee soot’-BA-mee]
fancy meeting you here!
(Lesson 1 – Greetings and Goodbyes)

Счастли́во [shchas-LEE-va] bye-bye, bye
(Lesson 3 – Asking “How are You” in Russian. Discussing Likes and Dislikes.)

Как жи́знь молода́я? [KAK ZHIZN’ ma-la-DA-ya] how’s young life?
(Lesson 3 – Asking “How are You” in Russian. Discussing Likes and Dislikes.)

Прое́хали (slang) [pra-YE-ha-lee] let’s forget about it
(Lesson 4 – Apologizing in Russian)

Я абсолю́тно с ва́ми/тобо́й согла́сен
[ya ap-sa-LYOOT-na s VA-mee/ta-BOY sag-LA-syen]
I completely agree with you
(Lesson 7 – Agreeing or Disagreeing with Someone)

Соверше́нно ве́рно [sa-veer-SHE-na VYER-na] exactly!, precisely!
(Lesson 7 – Agreeing or Disagreeing with Someone)

Тако́го не мо́жет быть!
[ta-KO-va nee MO-zhyet BIT’]
it can’t be true!, really!
(Lesson 7 – Agreeing or Disagreeing with Someone)

Тебе́ идё́т! [tee-BYE ee-DYOT] it suits you!
(Lesson 8 – Expressing Your Opinion)

Я смея́лся/смея́лась до слё́з
[ya smee-YAL-sya/smee-YA-las’ da SLYOS]
I was laughing to tears
(Lesson 10 – Feelings and Emotions. State of Health.)

Мы по́ полу ката́лись от сме́ха
[mi PO pa-loo ka-TA-lees’ at SMYE-ha]
we were rolling on the floor from laughter
(Lesson 10 – Feelings and Emotions. State of Health.)

good boy!, good girl!
(Lesson 11 – Compliments in Russian)

Па́льчики обли́жешь!
[PAL’-chee-kee ab-LEE-zhyesh]
finger-licking good!
(Lesson 12 – The Senses)

Я сказа́л/сказа́ла ему́ пра́вду в глаза́
[ya ska-ZAL/ska-ZA-la ee-MOO PRAV-doo v gla-ZA]
I said the truth to his face
(Lesson 13 – The Senses)

У неё́ глаза́ на мо́кром ме́сте
[oo nee-YOO gla-ZA na MOK-ram MYES-tye]
she is on the verge of tears
(Lesson 13 – The Senses)

Не перебива́й меня́
[nee pye-rye-bee-VAY mee-NYA]
don’t interrupt me, don’t cut me off
(Lesson 14 – Interrupting and Being Interrupted. Expressing Indifference and Interest. Worrying.)

Ты с ума́ сошё́л!
[ti s oo-MA sa-SHOL]
crazy, you are crazy
(Lesson 15 – Arguments)

На что вы намека́ете?
[na SHTO vi na-mee-KA-yee-tye]
what are you hinting at?
(Lesson 16 – Discussion and Resolution)

Поздравля́ем/поздравля́ю с пра́здником!
[paz-dra-VLYA-yem/paz-dra-VLYA-yoo s PRAZ-nee-kam]
congratulations to you (from us/from me)!
(Lesson 19 – Special Occasions)

Я схожу́ по тебе́ с ума́
[ya sha-ZHOO pa tee-BYE s oo-MA]
I am mad about you
(Lesson 20 – Romantic Lesson)

Ты вы́йдешь за меня́ за́муж?
[tee VIY-deesh’ za mee-NYA ZA-moosh]
will you marry me?
(Lesson 20 – Romantic Lesson)

There are 20 lessons and over 1,500 words and expressions in the Conversational Russian video course. Each lesson is dedicated to one or several topics, for example, Greetings and Goodbyes, Compliments, Discussion and Resolution, etc. You will notice that all Russian words and expressions in the course have been transcribed to help you learn pronunciation. Also, stress has been indicated above the words that have more than one syllable. Every lesson comes with a downloadable PDF and MP3 recordings to allow you learn Russian on the go!

Watch the video where I tell more about the Conversational Russian video course or buy it now!

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Have fun learning Russian!

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