16 Types of Russian Ice Cream You Must Know

Posted on April 10th, 2014

Russian ice creamWho likes ice-cream? Raise your hand! I know I can’t see, but I believe there are a lot of hands up in the air. I know you can’t see, but I raised mine! Yes, I do love ice-cream. My favorite would be шоколадное мороженое с орехами (chocolate ice-cream with nuts), but then I always appreciate other flavors as well. Often a choice of ice cream would depend on my mood and how adventurous I’m feeling that day. Let’s face it, there are numerous flavors of ice cream out there that we absolutely must experience!

So, let’s talk about this delicious mouthwatering flavorful icy desert today and learn the names of 16 delectable flavors of ice cream in Russian and a few other tasty words.

There are multiple ice-cream flavors, of course, but today, I will talk about the most popular flavors that you might come across while traveling in Russia or Ukraine.

You can start by watching this video to learn to pronounce the most delicious flavors of ice cream in Russian.

Back when I was a little girl, I loved Russian ice cream пломбир в вафельном стаканчике (plombier in a waffle cup). I believe it was 18 or 20 kopeek back then in USSR. It was soo yummy! Plombier always reminds me of my childhood. So, if you are ever in Russia or Ukraine you should absolutely taste пломбир в вафельном стаканчике!

Some of the Most Popular Russian Ice Cream Flavors

Now let’s talk about some of the most popular ice-cream flavors in Russian:

Пломбир [plam-BEER] plombières
Сливочное [SLEE-vach-na-ye] creamy, cream
Молочное [ma-LOCH-na-ye] milk ice cream
Ванильное [va-NEEL’-na-ye] vanilla
Крем-брюле [kryem-bryoo-LYE] Crème Brulee

Фруктово-ягодное [frook-TO-va YA-gad-na-ye] fruit and berry
Сорбет [sar-BYET] sorbet
Фруктовый лёд [frook-TO-viy LYOT] fruit ice popsicle, fruit bar
Шоколадное [sha-ka-LAD-na-ye] chocolate
Кофейное [ka-FYEY-na-ye] coffee
Эскимо [es-kee-MO] ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate
Эскимо в шоколадной глазури [f sha-ka-LAD-nay gla-ZOO-ree] ice cream on a stick in chocolate glazing

Со вкусом сгущённого молока [sa FKOO-sam sgoo-SHO-na-va ma-la-KA] sweetened condensed milk flavored ice cream. “Мороженое со вкусом сгущённого молока is a very interesting an unique flavor. We, Russians, love сгущённое молоко (we also call it “сгущёнка”) – condensed milk.”We love it so much that we not only add it to our coffee or tea, or use it for baking, we also spread it on our toast, deep cookies in it and eat it with a spoon. Сгущёнка is very popular in Russian, and so is мороженое со вкусом сгущённого молока. So, you should definitely give it a taste and let me know what you think.

С джемом [s DZHYE-mam] with jem
С орехами [s a-RYE-ha-mee] with nuts
С карамелью [s ka-ra-MYE’L-yoo] with caramel

Here is a quick summary of all types of Russian ice cream:

Russian4real ice cream infographic

If you are making your own ice cream at home, you can add any of these yummy ingredients for extra taste or decoration:

Шоколадная стружка [sha-ka-LA-dna-ya STROO-shka] chocolate shavings
Вафли [VA-flee] waffles
Вафельная крошка [VA-fyel’-na-ya KROSH-ka] waffle crumbs
Печенье [pee-CHYE-nye] cookies, busicuts
Орехи [a-RYE-hee] nuts
Фрукты [FROO-kti] fruit
Ягоды [YA-ga-di] berries
Мёд [MYOT] honey
Сгущённое молоко [sgoo-SHO-na-ye ma-la-KO] condensed milk

Ice Cream by the Type of Packaging

There are a few different types of packaging of ice cream, below are the most popular types:

You can have your мороженое

  • в вафельном стаканчике [v VA-fyel’-nam sta-KAN-chee-kye] in a waffle cup
  • в пластиковом стаканчике [f PLAS-tee-ka-vam sta-KAN-chee-kye ] in a plastic cup
  • в вафельном рожке [v VA-fyel’-nam rash-KEE] in a waffle cone
  • на палочке [na pa-LOCH-ky01e] on a stick
  • в ведре [veed-RYE]/ ведёрке [vee-DYOR-kye] in a little bucket


  • Мороженое-сэндвич [ma-RO-zhye-na-ye SEN-veech] ice cream sandwich

Homemade Ice Cream

If you are making your own homemade ice cream, these are the main ingredients you will need:
Молоко [ma-la-KO] milk
Сливки [SLEEF-kee] cream
Масло [MAS-la] butter
Сахар [SA-har] sugar

And , of course, additional вкусовые добавки [fkoo-sa-VI-ye da-BAF-kee] flavorings, for example, ваниль [va-NEEL’] vanilla.

You can make your own homemade ice cream if you have Мороженица [ma-RO-zhye-nee-tsa] – ice cream maker or блендер [BLEN-der] – blender.

Back to You: What is your favorite ice cream?

To say that you like a specific flavor of ice cream in Russian you can use “Я люблю” or “Мне нравится”. If you are not familiar with these phrases, you can learn them by watching these two lessons:

1. How to Say You Like Something or Someone in Russian
2. How to Say You Love Something or Someone in Russian
So, you would start your sentence with Я люблю + your favorite flavor + мороженое.

Here are a few examples using “Я люблю”:
1. Я люблю ванильное мороженое с шоколадными стружками.
I love vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings.

2. Я люблю сливочное мороженое с джемом.
I love ice cream with jam.

3. Я люблю шоколадное мороженое с орехами.
I love chocolate ice cream with nuts.

A few more examples using “Мне нравится”:
1. Мне нравится пломбир в шоколаде.
I like plombières in chocolate.

2. Мне нравится мороженое со вкусом сгущённого молока.
I like ice cream with the taste of sweetened condensed milk.

3. Мне нравится мороженое с ягодами, фруктами и вафельной стружкой.
I like ice cream with berries, fruit and waffle crumbs.

So, what is your favorite ice cream? Looking forward to your comments! 

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