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Learn Russian Computer Slang

Posted on March 3rd, 2012

Learn Russian computer slangDid you notice that when speaking our native language, we often adjust our speech depending on who we are talking to? Most likely we will speak in a more formal way with our boss or subordinates, while using less formal speech with our friends and family. Our friends often hear us using or even inventing new slang words and expressions.

Learning slang is a very important part of the language-learning process. Much of our everyday speech is based on colloquial and slang vocabulary. Very often I hear my students saying that they freeze, baffled, when listening to a native Russian language speaker. It’s all because they learn Russian from textbooks and are not used to hearing Russian slang. While it’s impossible to flick through the dictionary every time you hear a new Russian slang word, it is very much possible to learn them in advance, one at a time.

In my previous lessons you read about Anglicisms in Russian Language, and learned some useful Computer Vocabulary in Russian. Today you will learn a few important Russian slang words about computers, users and the Internet. (You can also learn everyday Russian slang and idioms in these free video lessons)

Warning: all of the words and examples below can only be used in a very informal Russian speech.

Аська [AS’-ka] chat program ICQ.
Мой брат сидит в аське каждый день.
My brother sits on ICQ every day.

Глюк (n.) [GLYOOK] glitch
Не могу загрузить фотографию, наверное, какой-то глюк в программе.
I can’t upload a photo, probably because of some kind of glitch in the program.

Глючить (v.) [GLYOO-cheet’] работать со сбоями.
Что-то мой компьютер глючит.
My computer is having glitches for some reason.

Десктоп [desk-TOP] desktop
Я создал новую папку на десктопе.
I created a new folder on the desktop.

Джобает [DGO-ba-yet] working
Новая программа джобает без проблем.
New program is working without any problems.

Зависать [za-vee-SAT’] to stop working suddently (when talking about computer)
Мой комп опять завис!
My computer froze again!

Заморозиться [za-ma-RO-zeet’-sya] freeze (when talking about computer screen)
Мой компютер заморозился, как только я открыл браузер.
My computer froze as soon as I opened my browser.

Клава [KLA-va] keyboard
Смотри, у меня новая клава.
Look, I have a new keyboard.

Комп [KOMP] computer
Слушай, у тебя такой классный комп.
Listen, your computer is so cool.

Логануться [la-ga-NOOT’-sya] log in. You can also use other version of this word in Russian = логиниться [la-GEE-neet’-sya].
Надо на чат логануться, там меня Серёжа ждёт.
I need to log in on chat, Serezha is waiting for me there.

Мыло [MI-la] email
Скинь мне всё инфо на мыло.
Send me all information to my email address.

Набить текст [na-BEET’ TYEKST] create a text document
Маша, набей мне договор, пожалуйста.
Masha, type up an agreement for me, please.

Начепатать [na-chee-PA-tat’] this word comes from “напечатать” [na-pee-CHA-tat’] or print.
Маша, начепатай мне договорчик, пожалуйста. (договорчик is a diminutive form of договор)
Masha, type up an agreement for me, please.

Обои [a-BO-ee] screen paper
Я загрузил бесплатные обои.
I downloaded free wallpaper.

Перебутить [pye-rye-BOO-teet’] restart
Подожди, дай мне компьютер перебутить, а то он у меня завис.
Wait, let me restart my computer, it froze on me.

Полететь [pa-lee-TYET’] break
Мой новый компьютер полетел.
My new computer broke.

Смайл [SMAIL] smiley face. Often you will hear plural form of this word as well – смайлы [SMAI-li] smiley faces.
Эти смайлы такие прикольные!
These smiley faces are so cool!

Скинуть [SKEE-noot’] record, put
Скинь мне этот файл на флешку. (You can find word флешкa below)
Put this file on my USB flash drive.

Смайлик [SMAY-leek] smiley face
Я люблю смайлики.
I love smiley faces.

Тормозить [tar-ma-ZEET’] work slowly
Что-то мой ноутбук тормозит сегодня.
My laptop is very slow for some reason today.

Флешка [FLESH-ka] or флашка [FLASH-ka] flash drive
Моя презентация сохранена на флешке.
My presentation is saved on the USB flash drive.

Чайник [CHAY-neek] dummy
Ты такой чайник! Просто слов нет!
You are such a dummy! I have no words!

Чатить [CHA-teet’] chat
Я обожаю чатить на аське.
I love chatting on ICQ.

Юзать [YOO-zat’] use (computer or software)
Я юзаю Гугл Ридер каждый день.
I use Google Reader every day.

Юзер [YOO-zyer] user or a person who uses a computer.
Он безответственный юзер (компьютера).
He is an irresponsible user.

I hope this list of Russian slang words made your studies a little more fun. If you would like to add any other words to this list, drop a line in the comments section below.


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