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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 37.

Posted on July 29th, 2011

Hi and welcome to the Russian Slang and Idioms Lesson 37! Have fun!

Ворошить прошлое [va-ra-SHIT’ PROSH-la-ye ] = reminiscence about the past.
Не думай об этом, не вороши прошлое.
[ni DOO-may ab E-tam, ni va-ra-SHEE PROSH-la-ye]
Don’t think about this, don’t reminiscence about the past.

Из кожи вон лезть [ees KO-zhee VON LYEZT’] = to try very hard to accomplish something. If you translate it literally from Russian, it means “to try so hard that it makes you break out of your skin”.
Кэрол из кожи вон лезет, учит русский язык.
[KE-ral is KO-zhee VON LYE-zyet, OO-cheet ROOS-keey ya-ZIK]
Carol is trying very hard to learn Russian.

Деловая колбаса [dee-la-VA-ya kal-ba-SA] = very busy and important.
“деловая” is an adjectives and it means “business” or “business-like”, and “колбаса” means “sausage”. If translated from Russian literally, “деловая колбаса” means “business-like sausage”… A little unusual, and I’m not sure where it came from, it sounds funny, and you’ll hear it in Russian a lot!
Он всегда работает, деловая колбаса.
[ON vsig-DA ra-BO-ta-yet, di-la-VA-ya kal-ba-SA]
He is always working, delavaya kalbasa.

1.    What idiom if translated from Russian literally means “to try so hard that it makes you break out of your skin”?
2.    Which idiom talks about a sausage?
3.    What does “ворошить прошлое” mean?

Great job!

I’ll see you soon! Bye-bye! :)


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