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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 38.

Posted on August 25th, 2011

Hi and welcome to Russian Slang and Idioms Lesson 38!

Ломать голову [la-MAT’ GO-la-voo]
The idiom can be translated literally from Russian as “break your head”, and it means to think very hard about something.
Ломать голову над решением задачи.
[la-MAT’ GO-la-voo nad ri-SHYE-nee-yem za-DA-chee]
Think hard about solving a problem.

Купаться в роскоши  [koo-PAT’-sya v ROS-ka-shee]
When translated literally this expression means “to swim in luxury”, idiom “купаться в роскоши ” means to live a life of luxury.
Он купается в роскоши.
[ON koo-PA-it-sya v ROS-ka-shee]
He is living a life of luxury.

(Чувствовать себя/сидеть) не в своей тарелке [ni f sva-YEY ta-RYEL-kye]
The expression can be translated literally as “not sitting on top of your own plate” as in – “sitting on top of someone else’s plate”… Idiom “сидеть не в своей тарелке” means “feel uncomfortable”.
Я чувствую себя нe в своей тарелке рядом с ним.
[ya CHOOV-stvoo-yoo si-BYA ni f SVA-yey TA-ryel-kye RYA-dam s NEEM]
I feel uncomfortable next to him.

Great job with learning new idioms! Here comes the test:
1.    What does idiom “купаться в роскоши ” mean?
2.    Please say that you are feeling uncomfortable using a Russian idiom.
3.    Does idiom “Чувствовать себя не в своей тарелке” mean “swim in luxury”?

Great job on the test!

As you already know from the video, this is my last Russian Slang and Idioms lesson for now, but more interesting and Russian4real videos lessons will be coming out soon! Stay tuned!  :-)


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