Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 35.

Posted on July 12th, 2011

Hi and welcome to Russian slang and idioms lesson 35! Here is the video:

Играть на публику [ig-RAT’ na POOB-lee-koo]
The first idiom in today’s lesson is играть на публику or  put on a show.
Мой босс любит играть на публику.
[MOY BOSS LYOO-bit eeg-RAT’ na POOB-lee-koo]
My boss loves to put on a show.

Лапу сосать [LA-poo sa-SAT’]
Our next idiom is лапу сосать, if translated literally it means “to suck your paw”, the way a bear is sucking on his paw while hibernating in his den in winter. Лапу сосать means to go without food because you don’t have any money.
Если ты сейчас потратишь все денги, то потом будешь лапу сосать.
[YES-lee TI siy-CHAS pat-RA-teesh VSYE DYEN’-gee, TO pa-TOM BOO-dish LA-poo sa-SAT’]
If you spend all your money now, you will have to go without it for a while.

Загнать себя в угол [zag-NAT’ si-BYA v oo-GAL]
And the last idiom is загнать себя в угол. The equivalent of this idiom in English would be  “to force yourself into a corner” or force yourself in a position where you don’t have many choices.
Я опять загнал себя в угол, и теперь не знаю что делать.
[YA a-PYAT’ zag-NAL si-BYA v oo-GAL’ i ti-PYER’ ni –ZNA-yoo SHTO  DYE-lat’]
I forced myself into a corner, and don’t know what to do any more.

Now it’s time for the test!
1.    What does idiom “лапу сосать” mean?
2.    What Russian idiom means “go without food because you don’t have any money”?
3.    What is the English equivalent of the Russian idiom “Загнать себя в угол”?

I’m sure you’ve done very well on the test!

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See you soon! :waving:


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