Blinchiki (Russian Crepes/Pancakes) Recipe

Posted on April 16th, 2011

Russian Pancakes Blinchiki RecipeJust got off the phone with my Mom. She was making pancakes when I called. We started talking about different variations of Russian pancakes, from little thick oladushki (толстые оладушки) to thin crepes (тонкие блинчики), my personal favourite. And suddenly, I felt like I was sitting at the table in our old living room with my Mom and Dad, having sweet blinchiki with honey for breakfast, our kitty Lada purring on my Mom’s lap… Ah, good old times…

As you have already guessed, today we will make classic Russian crepes or блинчики and learn a few new words.

Please note: You will find the translation and transcription of all of the Russian words in brackets in the Vocabulary section at the end of the article.

Here is the Russian blinchiki (блинчики) recipe:


2 ¼ cups of milk (молоко) or water (вода)
3 eggs
1 ¼ of flour
1 tbsp of sugar (if you want your blinchiki to be sweeter, you can use 2tbs of sugar)
1 tsp of salt
3 tbsp of vegetable or olive oil


1.    Mix the eggs, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl until thoroughly blended.
2.    Add milk or water to the mixture and mix well.
3.    Stir in flour, mixing well to make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture.
4.    Add vegetable oil to the batter (жидкое тесто) and mix well. Leave to stand for 10-15 min.
5.    Oil a skillet (Смажьте сковородку маслом). Pour the batter on the hot oiled skillet and cook on one side until golden then flip the blinchik over and brown the other side.
6.    Serve (подавать) sweet crepes (сладкие блинчики) with jam (варенье), sour cream, honey (мёд), syrup, melted chocolate, whipped cream, and fruit.

Very tasty! You will lick your fingers! (Так вкусно, что пальчики оближешь!) :-P


If you would like for your pancakes to be thicker, you can add more flour. If you would like for your pancakes to be thinner, add more milk or water to batter.

Enjoy! :-)


Печь [PYECH’] (imperfective aspect) bake
Испечь [is-PYECH’] (perfective aspect) bake
Жарить [ZHA-reet’] (imperfective aspect) fry
Пожарить [pa-ZHA-reet’] (perfective aspect)  fry
Блин (noun, singular) [BLEEN], блины (noun, plural) [blee-NI]  crepes, or pancakes
Блинчик (singular, diminutive noun) [BLEEN-cheek], блинчики (noun, plural) [BLEEN-chee-kee]  crepes or pancakes
Оладь (noun, singular) [a-LAD’], оладьи (noun, plural) [a-LAD’-yi] a small thick pancake
Оладушек (singular, diminutive noun) [a-LA-doo-shek], оладушки (plural) [a-LA-doosh-ki] a small thick pancake
Смазывать сковородку маслом [SMA-zi-vat’ ska-va-ROT-koo MAS-lam] oil a skillet
Молоко [ma-la-KO] milk
Вода [va-DA] water
Тонкий [TON-keey] thin, тонкие (plural)
Толстый [TOLS-tiy] thick, толстые (plural)
Сладкий [SLAT-keey] sweet, сладкие (plural)
Подавать с [pa-da-VAT’ s] serve with
Тесто [TYES-ta] dough or pastry
Жидкое тесто [ZHEET-ka-ye TYES-ta] batter
Варенье [va-RYE-n’ye] jam
Мёд [MYOT] honey
Так вкусно, что пальчики оближешь! [TAK FKOOS-na SHTO PAL’-chee-kee ab-LEE-zhyesh’] Very tasty! You will lick your fingers!

They taste sooo good!

See you soon!


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