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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 34.

Posted on April 4th, 2011

Hi and welcome to the Russian Slang and Idioms Lesson 32! Have fun!

Идти напролом [it-TI na-pra-LOM]
Идти напролом means to act without being afraid of difficulties and obstacles, or without considering anyone’s feelings. Идти напролом= stop at nothing
Он не задумывается об окружающих, он идёт напролом.
[ON ni za-DOO-mi-va-yit-sya ab ak-roo-ZHA-yoo-shih, ON i-DYOT na-pra-LOM]
He does not consider people around him, he would not stop at anything.

Как банный лист [KAK BAN-neey LIST]
You’ve probably heard about Russian Banya (баня) and about a bunch of green and leafy birch twigs (or веник in Russian). Банный лист is a leaf from the bunch of birch twigs , so when we say пристал, как банный лист we talk about someone who is obtrusive, annoying, and  bothers us a lot.
Он опять ко мне пристал, как банный лист.
[ON a-PYAT’ ka MNYE pris-TAL KAK BAN-neey LIST]
He is bothering me again.

Легкие деньги [LYOH-ki-ye DYEN’-gi]
Легкие деньги means easy money.
Ей повезло, и она заработала лёгкие деньги.
[YEY pa-viz-LO i a-NA za-ra-BO-ta-la LYOH-ki-ye DYEN’-gi]
She was lucky to make easy money.

Great job! And now, you are ready for the test:
1.    What is the Russian equivalent of “easy money”?
2.    What is «банный лист»?
3.    What would you say about a person who stops at nothing?
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See you soon!


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