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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 32.

Posted on March 22nd, 2011

Hi and welcome to the Russian Slang and Idioms Lesson 32! Have fun!

Загореться желанием [za-ga-RYET’-sa zhi-LA-ni-yem]
Загореться желанием means to want something very much
Чтобы чего-то достичь, надо загореться желанием.
[SHTO-bi chi-VO-ta das-TICH, NA-da za-ga-RYET’-sya zhi-LA-ni-yem]
If you want to achieve something, you need to want it very much.

Вверх тормашками [VERH tar-MASH-ka-mi]
Вверх тормашками means upside down. We use this idiom to talk about mess, or a confusion, or about how someone does everything the wrong way around, or something that is back to front or inside out.
Вечно у них всё вверх тормашками!
[VECH-na oo NEEH VSYO VERH tar-MASH-ka-mi]
They always do things the wrong way around!

Маменькин сынок [MA-men’-kin see-NOK]
Маменькин сынок is translated literally as Mommy’s son, or we can use the English version – Momma’s boy.
Маменькин сынок is usually a man who is not dependable, and is lacking masculine characteristics…
Саша не умеет принимать решения, он маменькин сынок.
[SA-sha ni oo-MYE-yet pri-ni-MAT’ ri-SHYE-ni-ya, ON MA-men’-kin see-NOK]
Sasha cannot make his own decisions, he is a Momma’s boy.

And here comes the test:
1.    What is the Russian equivalent of the idiom Momma’s boy?
2.    What idiom means “upside down”, or “back to front”?
3.    Please translate into English: Я загорелся желанием иметь свой собственный бизнес.

See you soon!
Bye bye,


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