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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 29.

Posted on February 6th, 2011

Hi, and welcome to Russian Slang and Idioms lesson 29!

Работа – не бей лежачего
[ra-BO-ta ni BYEY li-ZHA-chi-va]

Работа не бей лежачего can be translated literally as “a job” and then “don’t beat a person that is laying down”…. which when used as an idiom means a very easy job, or a piece of cake!
Мне всего лишь нужно отвечать на звонки. Работа – не бей лежачего!
[MNYE vsi-VO LISH’ NOOZH-na at-vi-CHAT’ NA zvan-KI. ra-BO-ta ni BYEY li-ZHA-chi-va]
All I need to do is to answer the phone calls. It’s a very easy job!

Прыгать от радости [PREE-gat’ at RA-das-ti]
Прыгать от радости means to jump for joy.
Я прыгала от радости, когда нашла новую работу.
[YA PREE-ga-la at RA-das-ti kag-DA nash-LA NO-voo-yoo ra-BO-too]
I was jumping for joy when I found a new job.

Небо и земля [NYE-ba i zim-LYA]
Небо и земля literally can be translated as sky and earth, but when used as an idiom, небо и земля is used when talking about how different two people or two things are.
Они настолько разные! Просто небо и земля!
[a-NI nas-TOL’-ka RAZ-nee-ye PROS-ta NYE-ba i zim-LYA]
They are so different, like chalk and cheese.

Well done on learning new idioms! And here is the test:
1.    What Russian idiom involves a physical exercise?
2.    What Russian idiom is used when we talk about a very easy job?
3.    What Russian idiom mentions a planet?

See you soon! Bye! :waving:


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