Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 22.

Posted on December 7th, 2010

Welcome to our Russian idioms lesson 22!

Воздушные замки [vaz-DOOSH-nee-ye ZAM-ki] or castles in the air, or Spain, means illusions, daydreaming, or in other words a hope that could never be realized.
For example:
Я люблю строить воздушные замки.
[YA lyoob-LYOO STRO-it’ vaz-DOOSH-nee-ye ZAM-ki]
I love building castles in the air.

Где собака зарыта [GDYE sa-BA-ka za-REE-ta]
When we say Так вот, где собака зарыта – we mean where the answer to the question is,  this is what the problem is!
Here is an example:
Так вот где собака зарыта!
[TAK VOT GDYE sa-BA-ka za-REE-ta]
That’s where the problem is!

Быть в курсе [BEET’ f KOOR-sye]
Быть в курсе – to know something already.
For example:
– С понедельника у нас будет новый начальник!
– Я в курсе!
[s pa-ni-DYEL’-ni-ka oo NAS BOO-dyet NO-veey na-CHAL’-nik
YA f KOOR-sye]
–    Starting from Monday we will have a new boss!
–    I know!

Congratulations! You’ve just learned 3 new Russian idioms! Good luck on the test!

1. What Russian idiom from today’s lesson mentions a dog?
2. What does “Я в курсе” mean?
3. How can you say that you like dreaming using a Russian idiom?

See you next week!


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