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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 20.

Posted on November 15th, 2010

Hi and welcome to Russian idioms lesson 20! You can find all of the Russian lessons on YouTube.com!


Надувать губы [na-doo-VAT’ GOO-bee]
Надувать губы means to show that you were hurt by something, or in other words to pout your lips.
For example:
Малыш надул губы.
[ma-LEESH na-DOOL GOO-bee]
Little baby pouted lips.

Попасть пальцем в небо [pa-PAST’ PAL’- tsem v NYE-ba]
Попасть пальцем в небо means to guess something.
Here is an example:
Я не знал ответ, я просто попал пальцем в небо!
[YA ni ZNAL at-VYET, YA PROS-ta pa-PAL PAL’-tsem v NYE-ba]
I didn’t know the answer, I guessed it!

Методом тыка [me-ta-DAM TEE-ka]
Методом тыка means by the hit-and-miss method.
For example:
Я починил свой компьютер методом тыка!
[YA pa-chi-NIL SVOY kam-P’YOO-ter MYE-ta-dam TEE-ka]
I fixed my computer by hit and miss method!

1. What Russian idiom means to do something by guesswork?
2. Please translate into Russian “Sasha pouted his lips”.
3. What does idiom “методом тыка” mean?

I’ll see you soon!


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