Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 18.

Posted on November 2nd, 2010

Hi and welcome to Russian idioms lesson 18! Have fun!

The video:


До свадьбы заживет [da SVAD’-bee za-zhee-VYET]
Cвадьбa is a wedding, and verb заживать means to heal. When you say that it will heal before your wedding day, you mean that it is not a big wound, it will heal fast. Usually we say this to comfort someone.
For example:
Не переживай, твоя ранка до свадьбы заживёт.
[nye pye-rye-zhee-VAY tva-YA RAN-ka da SVAD’-bee za-zhee-VYET]
Don’t worry your wound will heal fast.

Витать в облаках [vi-TAT’ v ab-la-KAH]
Витать в облаках – to dream, or to drift away thinking about something.
Here is an example:
Ты всегда витаешь в облаках на уроке.
[TEE vseg-DA vi-TA-yesh v ab-la-KAH na oo-RO-kye ]
You always daydream in class.

Играть с огнем [ig-RAT’ s ag-NYOM]
Играть с огнем – to take a risk, or to play with fire.
For example:
Не пропускай уроки. Ты играешь с огнём.
[ni pra-poos-KAY oo-RO-ki. TEE ig-RA-esh’ s ag-NYOM]
Don’t miss classes. You are playing with fire.

Great job learning new Russian idioms! Here is the test:
1. What Russian idiom means to take a risk?
2. How can you translate “Витать в облаках” into English?
3. What would you say to a little child who has a bruise to comfort him?

Thank you for watching our Russian idioms lesson tonight!

I’ll see you next week.

Bye bye!


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