Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Posted on October 12th, 2010

Hi and welcome to Russian4real’s slang lesson! I’m Victoria and this is lesson 15!
Here is the video:

Transcript of the video:
Our first idiom for today is oдетый с иголочки [a-DYE-teey s IGO-lach-ki]. We say this about someone who likes fashion and dresses well.

Here is an example:
Я всегда одеваюсь с иголочки, когда иду на работу.
[Ya vsig-DA a-di-VA-yoos’ s i-GO-lach-ki kag-da i-DOO na ra-BO-too]
I always dress well when I go to work.

Our second idiom is Цeпляться к мелочам [tsep-LYAT-sya k mye-la-CHAM]. Usually we say this about someone who likes to pick on things all the time!

For example, you can say:
Мой учитель всегда цепляется к мелочам.
[MOY oo-CHI-tyel’ vseg-DA tsep-LYA-yet-sya k me-lo-CHAM]
My teacher always picks on me.

And the last idiom for today is Говорить на разных языках [ga-va-RIT’ na RAZ-neeh ya-zee-KAH]. Говорить на разных языках means to speak the same language without being able to understand each other.

For example:
Мне кажется, что мой босс и я говорим на разных языках.
[MNYE KA-jyet-sya shto moy BOSS i ya ga-va-RIM na RAZ-neeh ya-zi-KAH]
It seems to me that my boss and I do not understand each other.

Great job! Now you are ready for the test!

1. How can you say that someone is picking on you in Russian?
2. What is a Russian idiom for people having a hard time understanding each other?
3. What Russian idiom would you use to say that you like to dress well?

I am sure you’ve done great on the test! Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next week!

Bye bye!


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