Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 5.

Posted on August 13th, 2010

And here is another video lesson of Russian slang!

I bet Mars, Inc. would be very surprised to learn that their product Twix immigrated into Russian slang, and means a grade that is equal to American grade D…..

You see, way back when I was a schoolgirl, Russian school grades were expressed in numbers from 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. You can say that Russian grade 2 is equal to American D and that Russian grade 5 is equal to American A….  And why Twix? Because there are two chocolate covered biscuits in the Twix chocolate bar, duh! :doh_tb:

So, here you go:

Твикс [TVIKS] a Russian grade equal to American D.
Я получил твикс по математике.
[YA pa-loo-CHIL TVIKS pa ma-ti-MA-ti-kye]
I got a D in maths.

Клёвый – [KLYO-veey] – nice/good-looking, good quality, great, supurb
У тебя клёвые джинсы!
[oo ti-BYA KLYO-veeye DZHEEN-see]
Your jeans are really nice!

Крутой [kroo-TOY] – someone who is rich, has a status, or someone who is just bragging a lot… When talking about something, it means something that looks very nice or posh, or is good quality.
Посмотри, какая крутая тачка!
[pas-mat-RI ka-KA-ya KROO-ta-ya TACH-ka]
Look, that car is really nice!

Тачка [TACH-ka] – car
Я хочу новую тачку!
[YA ha-CHOO NO-voo-yoo TACH-koo]
I want a new car!

Завязать [za-vya-ZAT’] – to stop doing something or to quit something
– Ты ещё куришь?
– Нет, я завязал!
[- TEE yi-SHCHO KOO-rish?
-NYET YA za-vya-ZAL]
–    Do you still smoke?
–    No, I quit.

And here is the video where you can learn to pronounce the words:

Have fun learning Russian!


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