Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Beautiful houseIn today’s lesson you will learn how to describe your home in Russian. In the previous lessons you’ve learned about Kitchen Appliances in Russian and Kitchenware in Russian. Now let’s take a walk around your home and learn the names of the rooms and other useful Russian words. Are you ready? Let’s start with the basics: 

Дом [DOM] house
Квартира [kvar-TEE-ra] apartment, flat

Here are the names of the rooms:

Прихожая [pree-HO-zha-ya] hallway, lobby
Коридор [ka-ree-DOR] hallway, corridor
Комната [KOM-na-ta] room
Зал [ZAL] hall
Гостинная [gas-TEE-na-ya] living room
Спальня [SPAL’-nya] bedroom
Гостевая комната [gas-tee-VA-ya KOM-na-ta] guest room
Комната для гостей [KOM-na-ta dlya gas-TYEY] guest room

Кухня [KOOH-nya] kitchen
Ванная комната [VA-na-ya KOM-na-ta] bathroom
Ванная [VA-na-ya] bathroom
Туалет [too-a-LYET] toilet, restroom, lavatory, wc

Рабочий кабинет [ra-BO-cheey ka-bee-NYET] study
Библиотека [beeb-lee-a-TYE-ka] library

Looking for some secrets or some old memories? Here are a couple of places you can look at:
Чердак [cheer-DAK] attic, loft
Подвал [pad-VAL] basement, cellar
Погреб [POG-ryep] basement

house in Russian word

Don’t you just love reading a book on patio or a terrace? Here are a few more Russian words to help you describe your experience.
Балкон [bal-KON] balcony
Патио [PA-tee-o] patio
Терраса [tee-RA-sa] terrace
Веранда [vee-RAN-da] porch, terrace
Крыльцо [kril’-TSO] porch
Сад [SAT] garden
Огород [a-ga-ROT] garden, kitchen-garden
Забор [za-BOR] fence

A few more necessary words to help you describe your home in Russian that can be found at most houses or apartments:

Окно [ak-NO] window
Входная дверь [vhad-NA-ya DVYER’] main entrance door, front door
Дверь [DVER’] door
Пол [POL] floor
Ковёр [ka-VYOR] carpet
Лестница [LYES-nee-tsa] stairs
Стена [stee-NA] or стенка [STYEN-ka] wall
Потолок [pa-ta-LOK] ceiling
Крыша [KRI-sha] roof
Антенна [an-TE-na] antenna
Труба [troo-BA] chimney

Here is an infographic to help you learn new Russian words. Feel free to download and share it.

Describing Your Home in RussianWords Infographic

This is all for today. Have fun practicing!

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