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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Cows on a fieldThis Russian video lesson is going to be fun and easy, perfect for Friday. We’ve already talked about pets in Russian, and you’ve learned a lot of useful Russian vocabulary to help you talk about your pet. A few months ago we also talked about cats in Russian (this lesson was dedicated to the International Cat Day), and now you are an expert in Russian words related to cats topic. And today you will learn the names of the domestic animals and birds in Russian. Enjoy! 

A good way to start is by watching this video lesson. You’ll have a chance to practice pronunciation of the names of the domestic animals in Russian with me.

Домашние животные [da-MASH-nee-ye zhee-VOT-ni-ye] domestic animals
Домашний [da-MASH-neey] domestic, homemade
Животное [zhee-VOT-na-ye] animal

Собака [sa-BA-ka] female dog
Пёс [PYOS] male dog
Щенок [shee-NOK] puppy

Кошка [KOSH-ka] female cat
Кот [KOT] male cat
Котёнок [ka-TYO-nak] kitten

Морская свинка [mars-KA-ya SVEEN-ka] guinea pig
Хорёк [ha-RYOK] ferret
Хомяк [ha-MYAK] hamster
Кролик [KRO-leek] rabbit

Корова [ka-RO-va] cow
Бык [BIK] bull
Телёнок [tee-LYO-nak] calf

Коза [ka-ZA] female goat
Козёл [ka-ZYOL] male goat
Козлёнок [kaz-LYO-nak] kid

Овца [af-TSA] sheep
Баран [ba-RAN] ram
Ягнёнок [yag-NYO-nak] lamb

Лошадь [LO-shat’] horse
Конь [KON’] male horse
Жеребёнок [zhee-ree-BYO-nak] foal, colt

Осёл [a-SYOL] donkey
Ослёнок [as-LYO-nak] foal

Свинья [svee-N’YA] pig

Кабан [ka-BAN] boar
Поросёнок [pa-ra-SYO-nak] piglet

Домашняя птица [da-MASH-nya-ya PTEE-tsa] domestic birds
Курица [KOO-ree-tsa] chicken, hen
Петух [pee-TOOH] rooster
Циплёнок [tseep-LYO-nak] chick

Индюк [een-DYOOK] turkey

Гусь [GOOS’] goose
Гусёнок [goo-SYO-nak] gosling

Утка [OOT-ka] duck
Утёнок [oo-TYO-nak] duckling

Practice the names of the domestic animals and birds in Russian with this colorful infographic. Feel free to download and share it.

There are many Russian sayings with domestic animals. I found a few examples below.

Денег куры не клюют.
They are rolling in money.
(Lit., They have so much money that the chickens don’t peck it any more.)

Собака помнит кто её кормит.
The dog remembers who is feeding her.

Не успела кошка умыться, а гости наехали.
Before the cat had time to finish washing herself, the guests have arrived.

Дареному коню в зубы не смотрят.
You shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Жалеть коня – истомить себя.
You will exhaust yourself if you spare a horse.

Do you have any domestic animals or birds? If you do, what domestic animals and birds do you have? Try to make your comments in Russian.

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