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Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Kitchen thumbnailCooking season is coming up! Let’s start getting ready for it by learning the names of kitchen appliances and utensils in Russian. Even if you don’t cook, don’t worry – this lesson will still be very useful for you, in case you decide to holiday shop for your loved ones at a Russian store whether it’s in person or online.

In today’s lesson we’ll cover the main objects in your kitchen. In the following lesson we’ll discuss the dishes and cooking utensils in more detail.
Let’s start with the basics:
Кухня [KOOH-nya] kitchen
Кухонный [KOO-ha-niy] kitchen (adj.)
Утварь [OOT-var’] utencil

For those who enjoy cooking this Russian phrase will be very useful:
Готовить кушать / ужин [ga-TO-veet KOO-shat’ / OO-zheen] cook, cook / make dinner
Готовить [ga-TO-veet’] cook
Кушать [KO-shat’] eat

Now look around your kitchen. Do you see any of these?

Кухонный шкаф [KOO-ha-niy SHKAF] kitchen cabinet

Although most of the time we simply say:

Кухня [KOOH-nya] kitchen (cabinets)

Кухонная техника [KOO-ha-na-ya TYEH-nee-ka] kitchen appliances

Холодильник [ha-la-DEEL’-neek] refrigerator
Морозильник [ma-ra-ZEEL’-neek] freezer
Морозилка [ma-ra-ZEEL-ka] freezer

Печка [PYECH-ka] stove
Плита [plee-TA] stove, cooker

Газовая плита [GA-za-va-ya plee-TA] gas cooker
Электрическая плита [e-lyek-TREE-chees-ka-ya plee-TA] electric cooker

Let’s drill down a little more.

Гриль [GREEL’] grill
Духовая печь [doo-ha-VA-ya PYECH’] oven

Also widely known as:
Духовка [doo-HOF-ka] oven

But then there is also:
Мини-духовка [MEE-nee doo-HOF-ka] mini oven

A more formal name for the microwave oven in Russian will be
Микроволновая печка [meek-ra-val-NO-va-ya PYECH-ka] microwave oven

But it’s more popular under:
Микроволновка [meek-ra-val-NOF-ka] microwave (oven)

For those who love cooking, these Russian words are a must know:

Миксер [MEEK-syer] mixer
Блендер [BLEN-der] blender
Мясорубка [mya-sa-ROOP-ka] meat grinder
Соковыжималка [sa-ka-vi-zhee-MAL-ka] juicer
Хлебопечка [hlye-ba-PYECH-ka] bread maker
Жаровня [zha-ROV-nya] roaster
Фритюрница [free-TYOOR-nee-tsa] fryer
Кухонный комбайн [KOO-ha-niy kam-BAYN] food processor
Тостер [TOS-tyer] toaster

A few appliances for the yummy deserts for the whole family to enjoy:

Йогуртница [YO-goort-nee-tsa] yogurt maker
Мороженица [ma-RO-zhye-nee-tsa] ice-cream maker
Пароварка [pa-ra-VAR-ka] steamer, double boiler
Блинница [BLEE-nee-tsa] pancake maker
Сушилка для овощей и фруктов [soo-SHEEL-ka dlya a-va-SHCHEY ee FROOK-taf] food dehydrator, dehydrator for vegetables and fruits

I think these are everyone’s favourite, especially in the morning:

Кофемолка [ka-fee-MOL-ka] coffee machine
Кофеварочная машина [ka-fye-VA-rach-na-ya ma-SHEE-na] coffee maker
Кофемашина [ko-fye-ma-SHEE-na] coffee maker
Кофеварка [ka-fye-VAR-ka] coffee maker

And if you are more of a tea person (like me), this one is for you:
Электрический чайник [e-leek-TREE-chyes-keey CHAY-neek] electric kettle

Also known as:
Электрочайник [e-leek-tra-CHAY-neek] electric kettle

After every good meal, you will need this:
Посудомоечная машина [pa-soo-da-MO-yeech-na-ya ma-SHEE-na] dish washer
Посудомойка [pa-soo-da-MOY-ka] dish washer

And a few more basics:
Раковина [RA-ka-vee-na] sink
Кран [KRAN] tap
Стол [STOL] table
Стул [STOOL] chair
Скатерть [SKA-tyert’] table cloth
Кухонное полотенце [KOO-ha-na-ye pa-la-TYEN-tse] kitchen towel

Hope you enjoyed this little kitchen tour. Happy practicing!
Here is an infographic with the names of kitchen appliances in Russian, feel free to download, print and share!


Kitchen appliances in Russian

What kitchen appliances above do you use most often?

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