Russian Verb “Любить” (Love) and How to Say “I Love You” in Russian

Posted on September 28th, 2013

I love in RussianNow you know how to say that you like something or someone in Russian, let’s talk about how you can express stronger feelings for something or someone. In today’s lesson we will talk about the verb любить [lyoo-BEET’] love.
You can use verb любить when talking about someone you love or things you love. Here is how it is conjugated:

Я люблю
Ты любишь
Он/она любит
Мы любим
Вы любите
Они любят

Watch this video lesson and learn how you can use verb любить in Russian:

When constructing a sentence using verb любить:
Subject + conjugated любить + the object in the accusative case.

For example, if you love sushi, you can say in Russian:
Я + люблю + суши.

Я люблю суши.
I love sushi.

Or if you love someone, you can say to that person:
Я тебя люблю.
I love you.

If you would like to learn more about the Russian terms of endearment read my article – Terms of Endearment in Russian.

Again, if you love someone very much you can add adverb очень:
Коля очень любит Марину.
Kolya loves Marina very much.

Мы очень любим шоколадные конфеты.
We love chocolates very much.

If you would like to say that you love an activity in Russian, then the conjugated verb любить will be followed by the verb expressing your activity in the infinitive form. Here are a couple of examples:

Мой муж любит путешествовать.
My husband loves to travel.

Я очень люблю готовить.
I love to cook very much.

If you don’t love someone or something you can add не before the verb:
Я не люблю [ya nye lyoob-LYOO] I don’t love

Я не люблю макароны.
I don’t like macaroni

Коля не любит загорать.
Kolya doesn’t like to sun.

Back to you now. Please create three sentences and tell me about the people and things you love, and post them in the comment area below.

Я очень люблю суши, а ещё я люблю изучать новые языки. А что вы любите?

I love sushi very much, and also I love learning new languages. And what about you?

Have fun learning Russian! :)

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