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Let’s Talk About the Weather in Russian

Posted on April 23rd, 2012

Talking about the weather in RussianTalking about the weather can help to break the ice and start a conversation. Today we will talk about the weather in Russian and learn some fun and interesting vocabulary.

Weather in Russia

There are four seasons in Russia: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Temperature varies from year to year, but as you know, it can drop below -20˚C in winter and get as hot as +30˚C in summer. The warmest months usually are July and August, while the coldest January and February.

Russian winter can be very cold, icy and snowy, followed by a spectacular spring thawing and white tender snowdrops here and there. Summer in Russia can be hot and sultry, and usually is a time to take a vacation and get away from work, school and have some fun (Read 10 things Russians like to do in Summer). Autumn is very beautiful and colorful in Russia, this is when you will see the ground covered with golden and crimson leaf carpet. Autumn in Russia usually is sad, windy and rainy… Time to make a cup of hot soup, sit on a comfy couch, cover yourself with a plaid and read a book.

Now, let’s learn some useful vocabulary to help you talk about the weather in Russian:

Времена года [vrye-mye-NA GO-da] seasons
Зима [zee-MA] winter
Весна [vees-NA] spring
Лето [LYE-ta] summer
Осень [O-seen’] autumn

Погода [pa-GO-da] weather
День [DYEN’] day
Хорошая погода [ha-RO-sha-ya pa-GO-da] good weather
Плохая погода [pla-HA-ya pa-GO-da] bad weather
Дождливый день [dazhd-LEE-viy DEN’] rainy day
Солнечный день [SOL-nyech-niy DEN’] sunny day

Снег [SNYEH] snow
Снежинка [snye-ZHEEN-ka] snowflake
Холодно [HO-lad-na] cold
Мёрзнуть [MYORZ-noot’] get cold
Замерзать [za-meer-ZAT’] freeze
Лёд [LYOT] ice
Метель [mee-TYEL’] blizzard
Снегопад [snee-ga-PAD]
Мороз [ma-ROZ] frost
Оттепель [O-tee-pyel’] thawing
Ландыш [LAN-dish] Lilly of the Valley
Подснежник [pad-SNYEZH-neek] snowdrop
Тёплый [TYOP-liy] warm
Солнце [SOLN-tsye] sun
Светить [svye-TEET’] shine
Таять [TA-yat’] thaw
Слякоть [SLYA-kat’] slush
Солнечный [SOL-neech-niy] sunny
Жаркий [ZHAR-keey] hot
Знойный [ZNOY-niy] sultry
Дождь [DOSHD’] rain
Моросить [ma-ra-SEET’] drizzle
Лужа [LOO-zha] puddle
Туман [too-MAN] fog
Ураган [oo-ra-GAN] hurricane
Молния [MOL-nee-ya] lightning
Гром [GROM] thunder
Прохладный [prah-LAD-niy] cool
Град [GRAT] hail
Ветер [VYE-tyer] wind

Прогноз погоды [prag-NOZ pa-GO-di] weather forcast
Цельсий [TSEL’-seey] Celsius
Фаренгейт [fa-reen-GEYT] Fahrenheit
Минус двадцать [MEE-noos DVAD-tsat’] -20˚C
Плюс двадцать [PLOOS DVAD-tsat’] +20˚C

Below are a few examples of the conversations about the weather in Russian.  If you would like to learn some basic greetings vocabulary you can read Greetings in Russian You Will not Find in Textbooks or watch this video about the Basic Russian Words.

– Сегодня холодно опять.
– Да, холодно, и опять дождь идёт. Вы любите дождь?
– Люблю, только летом, когда тепло. А вы?
– Нет, я не люблю дождь и слякоть…

– It’s cold today again.
– Yes, it’s cold and it’s raining again. Do you like rain?
– I do, but only in summer when it’s warm. And you?
– No, I don’t like rain and slush…


– Сегодня такая хорошая погода. Может на пляж сходим?
– Да, идём. Жара, зной, солнце светит, загорим хоть немножко.
– Я тоже хочу загореть.
– Обожаю лето!

– The weather is so nice today. Would you like to go to the beach?
– Yes, let’s go. It’s hot, sultry and sunny. We’ll get some suntan.
– I would like to get some suntan as well.
– I love summer!


– Ой как я замёрз! Такая метель разыгралась!
– Ужасно холодно. В такую погоду только дома сидеть.
– И как вам не холодно в этом пальто?
– Я уже привыкла, вторую зиму в нём хожу.

– I’m so cold! Such a snow-storm broke out!
– Awfully cold. The best thing to do in this weather is to stay at home.
– Don’t you get cold in your coat?
– I’m used to it. This is my second winter wearing it.

This is all for today, hope you find this vocabulary helpful.

Do you have a favourite season? Do you prefer rain or sunshine? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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