Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 15.

Online shopping words in Russian thumbnailIt’s a shopping time! It’s time to get gifts for your loved ones. Many of us nowadays shop online as it seems to be easier and faster. Besides shopping online not only saves us time, it also allows us to check out the multiple review of the products prior to purchasing them. Since online shopping is popular nowadays, I decided to put together a quick article with a few main online shopping terms in Russian. 
You will come across these Russian words if you decided to shop at a Russian online store. Let’s start with the basics.

Basic Online Shopping Words in Russian

Сайт [SAIT] site
Интернет магазин [een-teer-NYET ma-ga-ZEEN] Internet shop, store
Вход [VHOT] enter
Личный кабинет [LEECH-niy ka-bee-NYET] your account
Регистрироваться [ree-gee-STREE-ra-va-tsa] to register
Зарегистрироваться [za-ree-gee-STREE-ra-va-tsa] to register (perf. aspect)
Регистрация [ree-gee-STRA-tsee-ya] registration
Товар [ta-VAR] product
Бренд [BRENT] brand
Поиск [PO-eesk] search
Кнопка [KNOP-ka] button
Заказ [za-KAS] order
Покупать [pa-koo-PAT’] to buy
Онлайн-консультант [an-LAYN kan-sool’-TANT] online consultant (chat)
Корзина [kar-ZEE-na] basket, shopping cart
Оплата [ap-LA-ta] payment
Способ оплаты [SPO-sap ap-LA-ti] method of payment
Оформление заказа [a-far-MLYE-nee-ye za-KA-za] checkout
Пароль [pa-ROL’] password
Логин [la-GEEN] username
Войти [vay-TEE] to enter, log in
Отмена [at-MYENA] cancel

Заказ по SMS [za-KAS pa e-se-MES] order via text message
Акция [ak-TSI-ya] special offer
Цена [tsee-NA] price
Кредит [kree-DEET] credit
Скидка [SKEET-ka] discount
Отзыв [OT-zif] review
Доставка [das-TAF-ka] delivery

Online shopping in Russian


Online Shopping Phrases in Russian

Now that you know a few basic online shopping words in Russian, let’s learn a few very useful Russian phrases. Learning Russian phrases instead of single words is a great idea, it allows you to practice them in context. So, let’s begin.

It all begins with:
Каталог товаров [ka-ta-LOK ta-VA-raf] product catalog

Then we are enticed by the free delivery:
Бесплатная доставка [bees-PLAT-na-ya das-TAF-ka] free delivery

Покупать в интернет магазине [pa-koo-PAT’ v een-teer-NYET ma-ga-ZEE-nye] buy at the Internet shop, store
Найти товар [nay-TEE ta-VAR] find a product
Выбрать товар [VIB-rat’ ta-VAR] choose a product

If we are unsure or would like a second opinion about something we usually read a review:
Прочитать отзыв [pra-chee-TAT’ OD-zif] read a review

After purchasing an item, we are ready to write our own:
Написать отзыв [na-pee-SAT’ OD-zif] write a review

Добавить товар в корзину [da-BA-veet’ ta-VAR f kar-ZEE-noo]
add a product to a shopping cart

Войти в личный кабинет [vay-TEE v LEECH-niy ka-bee-nyet] login to your account
Нажать «Оформить заказ» [na-ZHAT’ a-FOR-meet’ za-KAS]
click on Make an Order

Покупать в кредит [pa-koo-PAT’ f kree-DEET] buy on credit
Удобный способ оплаты [oo-DOB-niy SPO-sap ap-LA-ti] a convenient method of payment

Подарочный сертификат [pa-DA-rach-niy seer-tee-fee-KAT] gift certificate

Широкий ассортимент товаров [shee-RO-keey a-sar-tee-MYENT ta-VA-raf]
a wide range of products

And a few more useful Russian phrases:

Гарантия лучшей цены [ga-RAN-tee-ya LOO-chshey tse-NI] best price guarantee
Курьерская почта [koor-YER-ska-ya POCH-ta] Express Mail
Статус заказа [STA-toos za-KA-za] order status
Номер заказа [NO-myer za-KA-za] order number
Возврат товара [vaz-VRAT ta-VA-ra] order return
Обмен товара [ab-MYEN ta-VA-ra] order exchange

This is all for today. I hope you’ve learned a lot of useful Russian vocabulary, and are absolutely ready to shop online in Russian.
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Talk to you very soon! Happy online shopping in Russian!

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