Christmas in Russian. Video Lesson 2.

Posted on December 24th, 2011

Gingerbread man in RussianBy now you’ve done all of your Christmas shopping and wrapped up all of your presents. Now, it’s time to enjoy some turkey with cranberry sauce and learn 10 more new Christmas words in Russian! ;)

Before you learn 10 new Christmas words in Russian, don’t forget to  review the previous lessons:


Russian Christmas Vocabulary:

Северный олень [SYE-vyer-niy a-LEN’] reindeer
Снеговик [snye-ga-VEEK] snowman
Рождественский венок [razh-DYES-tvyen-skeey vee-NOK] Christmas wreath
Колокольчик [ka-la-KOL’-cheek] bell
Эльф [EL’F] elf
Индейка [een-DYEI-ka] turkey
Имбирный пряник [eem-BEER-niy PRYA-neek] ginger man
Oмелa [a-MYE-lа] miseltoe
Сани [SA-nee] sleigh
Рождественский чулок [razh-DYES-tvyen-skeey choo-LOK] Christmas stocking

Here is Christmas in Russian video lesson:


I also have some additional vocabulary for this lesson. Just in case you will run into Santa tomorrow and will want to impress him with your Russian language skills ;) :

Печенье [pee-CHYEN’-ye] cookies, biscuits
Word “Печенье” comes from verb “печь” that means “bake”.

Молоко [ma-la-KO] milk

You can say to Santa:
“Угoщайся молоком с печеньем!”
[oo-ga-SH’AY-sya ma-la-KOM s pee-CHYEN’-yem]
Help yourself with milk and cookies (biscuits).

Санки [SAN-kee] sled

Кататься на санках [ka-TAT’-sya na SAN-kah] go sledding
Russian kids love go sledding in winter!

Играть в снежки [eeg-RAT’ f SNYESH-kee] have a snowball fight
Лепить снежную бабу [LYE-peet’ SNYEZH-noo-yoo BA-boo] build a snowwoman
Лепить снеговика [LYE-peet’ snee-ga-vee-KA] build a snowman

Снег [SNYEH] snow
Cнег идёт [SNYEH ee-DYOT] it’s snowing

Is it not snowing where you are? Don’t be said. If you like to see some snow – click on the snowflake button, while watching this lesson on YouTube , the video will pause and it will start snowing!!!

All right, that’s all for today!  Have a very Merry Christmas!

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See you soon!


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