10 Things Russians Like to Do in Summer

Posted on July 2nd, 2011

Of course, we do a lot of different things.  If we get to have some time off work or school during summer, we love going on holiday, usually to the seaside.  If not, we would  try to find any reason to spend a lot of time outdoors, go out, try new places, make new friends and take lots and lots of pictures.

Here are some of the things we do in summer:

•    Visit our parents, grandparents, and our hometown. This is a good excuse to eat our favourite childhood ice-cream and be completely spoiled by homemade meals.
•    Camp out by the river, bake potatoes and make kebab for dinner and cuddle up by the fire, playing guitar, and singing.
•    Play badminton, volleyball, football (soccer) in the yard or a local field
•    Go to the beach (if you live by the river, a lake or a sea) and roast in the sun
•    Go away on a vacation. Some of our most popular vacation spots are Black and Azov seaside resorts, where you would usually spend days at the beach and nights at local bars, restaurants, or nightclubs. We also love making trips to Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, and Europe, that, however, would depend on our budget.
•    Ride a bike with our favourite friend
•    Have a picnic in the park
•    Go fishing
•    Have a BBQ party with all of our best friends in the garden
•    Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers market

River Dnepr in Ukraine – is a beautiful place to have a picnic and chill on the beach. And when the sun goes down enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and watch the beautiful sunset…

And now, I’d like to hear from you, what do you like to do in summer? You can leave a comment at the end of the article. Here is some vocabulary words to help you to get started:

Отдых на море [OT-dih na MO-rye] – vacation by the seaside
Ходить на пляж [ha-DEET’ na PLYASH] – go to the beach
Играть в волейбол, футбол [ig-RAT’ v va-liy-BOL, foot-BOL]– play volleyball, football
Путешествовать [poo-ti-SHEST-va-vat’] – travel
Загорать на солнышке [za-ga-RAT’ na SOL-nish-kye] – sunbathe
Купаться в прохладной воде [koo-PAT’-sya v prah-LAD-nay va-DYE] – swim in cool water
Есть мороженое [YEST’ ma-RO-zhi-na-ye]– eat ice-cream
Делать шашлыки [DYE-lat’ shash-li-KEE] – make kebab
Ходить на пикник [ha-DEET’ na peek-NEEK] – go to a picnic
Наслаждаться закатом [nas-lazh-DAT’-sya za-KA-tam] – enjoy the sunset
Кататься на лодке [ka-TAT-sya na LOT-kye]– go on a boat
Ловить рыбу [la-VEET’ RI-boo] – go fishing
Встречать гостей [fstree-CHAT’ gas-TYEY] – meet guests
Ехать в гости [YE-hat’ v GOS-tee]- go to visit someone
Проведывать родителей, бабушку и дедушку [pra-VYE-di-vat’ ra-DEE-tye-ley, BA-boosh-koo ee DYE-doosh-koo]– visit your parents, your grandma and grandpa
Есть свежие овощи и фрукты [YEST’ SVYE-zhee-ye O-va-shee ee FROOK-ti] – eat fresh vegetables and fruit
Наслаждаться ароматом летних трав и цветов [nas-lazh-DAT-sya a-ra-MA-tam LYET-neeh TRAF ee tsvi-TOF]– enjoy the smell of the summer plants and flowers
Фотографировать [fa-tag-ra-FEE-ra-vat’] – take pictures
Завязывать новые знакомства [za-VYA-zi-vat’ NO-vi-ye zna-KOM-stva] – make new friends
Получать удовольствие от прохладного коктейля [pa-loo-CHAT’ oo-da-VOL’S-tvi-ye at prah-LAD-na-va kak-TEY-lya] – enjoy a cooling cocktail
Гулять до утра, наслаждаясь звёздными, тёплыми ночами [goo-LYAT’ da oot-RA, nas-lazh-DA-yas’ ZVYOZD-ni-mee TYOP-li-mee na-CHA-mee]– spend a night out, enjoying warm starry nights

Well, this is all for today.

What do you love to do in summer time? Look forward to your comments below the post.

See you soon! :)

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