Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 31.

Posted on March 18th, 2011

Hi, and welcome to our 31st Russian slang and idioms lesson!

Sorry, I know I haven’t posted in a while… It’s been crazy busy with the grad school, this is my final semester and I’m working on a big project for my big project class.. But I promise to try to post regularly to make sure you learn something new every day :).

До посинения [da pa-si-NYE-ni-ya]
До посинения literally means until someone becomes blue….  or in other words, for a very long time…
Давай я тебе помогу, один ты будешь работать над этим до посинения.
[da-VAY YA ti-BYE pa-ma-GOO a-DIN TEE BOO-dish ra-BO-tat’ nad E-tim da pa-si-NYE-ni-ya]
Let me help you, otherwise you’ll end up working on this for a very long time.

Долгая история [DOL-ga-ya is-TO-ri-ya]
this one is easy to remember it means the same thing in English – it’s a long story.
– Почему ты опоздал на работу?
– Длинная история…
[pa-chi-MOO TEE apaz-DAL na ra-BO-too
DLIN-na-ya is-TO-ri-ya]
–    Why are you late for work?
–    Long story…

Семимильными шагами [sye-mi-MIL’-nee-mi sha-GA-mi]
If translated literally means to move in steps that are seven miles long, idiom Семимильными шагами means to achieve something very quickly.
Она идёт семимильными шагами к успеху.
[a-NA i-DYOT sye-mi-MIL’-nee-mi sha-GA-mi k oos-PYE-hoo]
She is moving rapidly towards success.

I hope you had fun learning new idioms! Here comes the test:
1. What Russian idiom has the same meaning in English?
2. What Russian idiom means “very quickly”?
3. What does idiom “До посинения” mean?

See you soon!


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