Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 30.

Posted on February 21st, 2011

Hi, and welcome to our Russian Slang and Idioms lesson 30! Here is the video:

Пруд пруди [PROOD proo-DI] means plenty of something

У неё денег пруд пруди.
[OO ni-YE DYE-nyeg PROOD proo-DI]
She has a lot of money.

Сидеть в четырёх стенах [si-DYET’ f chye-tee-RYOH stye-NAH] means sitting in four walls.

Идём гулять, я не люблю сидеть в четырёх стенах.
[i-DYOM goo-LYAT’ YA ni lyoob-LYOO si-DYET’ f chye-tee-RYOH stye-NAH]
Let’s go out, I don’t like to sit in four walls.

Ежу понятно [yi-ZHOO pa-NYAT-na] can be translated literally as “even a hedgehog can understand that”. When used as an idiom, the expression is used when we talk about something that is very simple, or is generally accepted.
Это и ежу понятно, что качественная реклама помогает бизнесу процветать.
[E-ta i yi-ZHOO pa-NYAT-na SHTO KA-chyest-vyen-na-ya rik-LA-ma pa-ma-GA-yet BIZ-ne-soo pra-tsvi-TAT’]
It is understood, that good quality advertising helps any business grow.

These are the expressions for today, and here is the test:
1.    What Russian idiom mentions a small animal?
2.    Please translate into Russian: “I don’t like to sit in four walls”.
3.    Please translate into English: “У тебя опыта пруд пруди”

See you soon!


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