Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 24.

Posted on December 21st, 2010

Hi! Welcome to Russian Slang and Idioms Lesson 24!.

От горшка два вершка [at garsh-KA DVA virsh-KA]

We say this about someone who is not very tall, or someone who doesn’t have much life experience.
Её дочка ещё совсем маленькая – от горшка два вершка.
[yi-YO DOCH-ka yi-SHO sav-SYEM MA-lyen’-ka-ya at garsh-KA DVA virsh-KA]
Her daughter is still very small and not very tall.

Как с цепи сорвался [KAK s TSE-pi sar-VAL-sya]
Imagine a big angry dog, breaking it’s chain and running around the neighborhood barking and scaring everyone… Цепь is chain and сорваться means to break free from the chain. Expression  So if you are talking about someone who has lost his temper, and is very angry you can say Он, как с цепи сорвался.
Сегодня наш босс как с цепи сорвался!
[si-VOD-nya NAHS BOSS KAK s tse-PI sar-VAL-sya]
Our boss today has completely lost his tember!

Глаза на лоб полезли [gla-ZA na LOB pa-LYEZ-li]
Глаза на лоб полезли means to be very surprised by something.
У меня глаза на лоб полезли от низких цен в магазине.
[oo mi-NYA gla-ZA NA LOB pa-LYEZ-li AT NIZ-kih TSEN v ma-ga-ZI-nye]
I was very surprised to see very low prices at a store.

And now you are ready for the test! Good luck!

1.    How can you express surprise in Russian using an idiom from today’s lesson?
2.    Please translate into Russian: My brother has completely lost his temper this morning.
3.    Please translate into English: Я не буду слушать совета от того, кто от горшка два вершка.

I’ll see you soon! :)


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