Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 23.

Posted on December 14th, 2010

Hi, this is Viktoria again and! Welcome to Russian slang and idioms lesson 23!

Глаза слипаются [gla-ZA sli-PA-yoot-sya] = to be falling asleep
If you would like to comment on how tired you are and you are falling asleep you can say -Мои глаза слипаются.
Я так устал, мои глаза слипаются.
[YA TAK oos-TAL ma-I gla-ZA sli-PA-yoot-sya]
I’m so tired, I’m falling asleep.

Как огурчик [KAK a-GOOR-chik]
When you say that you feel Как огурчик, you mean that you feel great because you had a good rest or a good  sleep.
Я выспался и чувствую себя как огурчик.
[YA VEES-pal-sya i CHOOS-tvoo-yoo si-BYA KAK a-GOOR-chik]
I had a good sleep and feel great.

Задирать нос [za-di-RAT’ NOS]
Задирать нос means to be bragging about something.
Саша любит задирать нос.
[SA-sha LYOO-bit za-di-RAT’ NOS]
Sasha likes bragging.

Well done on learning new idioms! Here is the test:
1. How can you say in Russian that someone likes bragging?
2. Which Russian idiom mentions cucumber?
3. Please say in Russian that you are very tired and you are falling asleep.

I hope you had a Russian4real lesson! Find out how Christmas is celebrated in the Russian culture and learn 5 new Christmas words in Russian this Thursday!

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Ahhh.. Мои глаза слипаются. It’s bed time for me! Good night!

See you soon!


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