Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 21.

Posted on November 29th, 2010

Hi, this is Victoria again and! Welcome to our twenty-first Russian idioms lesson!

The video:

Тютелька в тютельку [TYOO-tyel-ka v TYOO-tyel-koo]
Тютелька в тютельку means to be exact.
For example:
Мои подсчёты совпали с твоими тютелька в тютельку.
[ma-I pad-SCHYO-ti sav-PA-li s tva-I-mi TYOO-tyel-ka v TYOO-tyel-koo]
My calculations matched yours.

Крокодиловы слезы [kra-ka-DI-la-vee SLYO-zi]
Крокодиловы слезы – to show insincere regret or sympathy.
Here is an example:
Он льёт крокодиловы слёзы о сказанном.
[on LYOT kra-ka-DI-la-vee SLYO-zi a SKA-zan-nam]
His regrets about what he said are insincere.

Галопом по европам [ga-LO-pam pa yev-RO-pam] means very fast.
Мы галопом по Европам промчались по музеям города.
[mee ga-LO-pam pa yev-RO-pam pram-CHA-lis’ pa moo-ZYE-yam GO-ra-da]
We briefly visited the museums in the city.

Great job on learning new Russian idioms! Good luck on the test!

1. What Russian idiom you can use to say that someone shows insincere regret or sympathy?
2. Please translate into English:  Мы галопом по Европам промчались по городу.
3. Please translate into Russian: Your calculations matched mine.

I’ll see you soon! :)


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