Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 13.

Posted on September 28th, 2010

Hi, and welcome to Russian4real’s idioms lesson! It’s lesson 13! Have fun!
Here is the video:

And here is the video transcript:

Беситься с жиру [bye-SIT-sya s ZHI-roo] –  we say this about someone who quickly spends money easily earned. For example, we can say that someone is Беситься с жиру, when they buy things that they don’t need, but buy them anyway just because they can afford them.

Here is an example:
Ваня купил себе новую машину. Он просто бесится с жиру!
[VA-nya koo-PIL sye-BYE NO-voo-yoo ma-SHI-noo.
ON PROS-ta BYE-sit-sya s ZHI-roo]
Vanya bought himself a new car. He bought it only because he can afford it.

Читать мысли [chi-TAT’ MEES-li] – to read someone’s thoughts.
For example, you will often hear in Russian:
Ты читаешь мои мысли!
[TEE chi-TA-yesh MAI MEES-li]
You are reading my thoughts!

Вставлять палки в колёса [vstav-LYAT’ PAL-ki v ka-LYO-sa]
Вставлять палки в колёса means to put a spoke in someone’s wheels. Or in other words, to deliberately prevent someone from doing something.
For example:
Ему не нравится наш новый проэкт, и он постоянно вставляет нам палки в колёса.
[YE-moo ni NRA-vit-sya NASH NO-veey PRA-ekt. ON pas-ta-YAN-na VSTAV-lya-yet NAM PAL-ki v ka-LYO-sa]
He does not like our new project, and constantly puts a spoke in our wheels.

I hope you enjoyed our lesson today. I’ll see you next week! :-)


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