Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 12!

Posted on September 21st, 2010

Hi and welcome to Russian4real’s idioms lesson! This is Victoria! Here is our next lesson –  lesson 12!

Here is the script of the lesson:

Our first idiom for today is дошло как до жирафа. When we say дошло как до жирафа – we talk about someone who takes a very longgggggggggg time to understand something.

For example, you can say:
– Извини, я не могу понять тебя. Иногда до меня доходит, как до жирафа!
[iz-vi-NI ya ni ma-GOO pa-NYAT’ ti-BYA
inag-DA da mi-NYA da-HO-dit KAK da zhi-RA-fa ]
– Sorry, I cannot understand you. Sometimes it takes me some time to understand… :-))

The next idiom is гора с плеч. When we say гора с плеч, we express our happiness about the fact that something is finally resolved or finished.

Let’s take a look at the example:
Я рада, что проблема решена. Гора с плеч.
[ya RA-da SHTO pra-BLYE-ma re-she-NA
ga-RA s PLECH]
I’m glad that the issue is sorted. I’m so relieved.

And our last idiom for today. I personally love it when a guy uses this one: цвести и пахнуть. Word цвести means to blossom, and word пахнуть means to smell very good. As an idiom цвести и пахнуть is usually used when talking about a woman who is attractive and is in good spirits.

For example to make your girlfriend happy you can say:
Ты цветёшь и пахнешь.
[TEE tzve-TYOSH i PAH-nyesh]
You look very good.

Now, you are ready for the test!

1. What can you say to make your girlfriend happy? :-)
2. What would you say to express that you are relived that something got resolved?
3. Do you remember that idiom with the giraffe in it?  :-) What does it mean?

Great job! Now you know 3 more Russian idioms!

I hope you enjoyed our lesson and I will see you next week!


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