Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 10.

Posted on September 6th, 2010

Today is our 10th lesson! And today, instead of 5 new slang words you will learn 5 new Russian idioms! Are you ready? Let’s do it!

The script of the video:

Our first idiom is ангельское терпение [AN-gyel’-ska-ye tir-PYE-ni-ye]. Word ангельское means angelic, and word терпение means patience. Idiom ангельское терпение means boundless patience.

Here is an example:
У тебя просто ангельское терпение!
[oo ti-BYA AN-gyel’-ska-ye tir-PYE-ni-ye]
Your patience is boundless!

The second idiom is дело в шляпе [DYE-la v SHLYA-pye]. Дело means some kind of business and шляпa is a hat. Дело в шляпе means – it’s a sure thing!

For example:
– Ты сделал продажу?
– Всё дело в шляпе!
[- TEE ZDYE-lal pra-DA-zhoo?
– VSYO DYE-la f SHLYA-pye]
– Have you made a sale?
– It’s a done deal!

The next idiom is держать в ежовых рукавицах [dir-ZHAT’ v yi-ZHO-veeh roo-ka-VI-tsah]. Word держать means to hold somebody or something, in this case somebody. Word ежовый is an adjective that comes from word ёж that means hedgehog, and word рукавицы means gloves. When all of these words are combined together in the idiom держать в ежовых рукавицах, it can be translated as holding someone in prickly gloves. In other words the idiom means to be very strict with someone.

Let’s take a look at the example:
Мои родители держат меня в ежовых рукавицах!
[MAI ra-DI-tye-li DYER-zhat mi-NYA V ye-ZHO-veeh roo-ka-VI-tsah]
My parents are very strict!

На всю катушку [na VSYOO ka-TOOSH-koo]. Word катушкa means a reel, and idiom на всю катушку means to do something with all one’s strength.

For example:
У них дома музыка на всю катушку
[oo NIH DO-ma MOO-zee-ka NA FSYOO ka-TOOSH-koo]
They play music very loudly

Вогнать в краску [vag-NAT’ f KRAS-koo]. Word вогнать means to drive someone to a certain stage and word краскa means colour. Idiom вогнать в краску means to make someone blush.

Here is an example:
Мой папа вогнал меня в краску
[MOY PA-pa vag-NAL mi-NYA f KRAS-koo]
My dad made me blush

Q1. Which Russian idiom means to be strict with someone?
Q2. How do you translate into Russian – “it’s a done deal”?
Q3. Which Russian  idiom means to make someone blush?

I hope you had a great 10th lesson and I’ll see you next week!

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Bye bye!


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