Russian Slang and Idioms. Lesson 9.

Posted on August 30th, 2010

Hi! I’ve just uploaded lesson 9 – here it is!

And here is the transcript of the video:

Hi! It’s Monday again and it’s time to learn some new Russian slang! Enjoy!

Our first word for today is ясный-красный [YAS-neey-KRAS-neey]. When translated literally word ясный means “clear” and word красный means color red. When used as slang ясный-красный is used when confirming something that is already obvious.

Here is an example:
– Ты идёшь завтра на рыбалку?
– Ясный-красный!
[ -TEE I-DYOSH ZAV-tra na ri-BAL-koo?
– YAS-neey KRAS-neey]
– Are you going fishing tomorrow?
– Of course!

Our second word is фиолетово [fia-LYE-ta-va].

Word фиолетово comes from word фиолетовый, which means color violet. That why there is a violet circle on the picture, so it’s more visual for you and easier to memorize. However, word фиолетово when used as slang means to not care about something.

For example:
А мне фиолетово!
[a MNYE fia-LYE-ta-va]
It does not matter to me!

Here is an interesting word – aмбал [am-BAL]. Word aмбал means a very tall and big man, just like the one in the picture!

And here is an example:
Наш новый сосед просто амбал!
[NASH NO-veey sa-SYED PROS-ta am-BAL]
Our new neigbour is so tall and strong!

The next word is – oтмочить [at-ma-CHIT’]. Word oтмочить when used in it’s non-slang meaning means “to soak something off”.  That’s what we, Russians, do to fresh cucumbers! We soak them in the water for a couple of days with salt, pepper, and spices and they become freshly-salted and crunchy!  :eat:

Anywaу, back to word oтмочить. As a slang word it means – to do something unusual, funny or outrageous.

Here is an example:
Пётр такую шутку отмочил!
[PYOTR ta-KOO-yu SHOOT-koo at-ma-CHIL]
Peter cracked a really funny joke

And lastly, word – oторваться [a-tar-VAT’-sya]. I personally use this one a lot! It means – to have a wonderful time. Whether you are on a vacation, on a date, or at a night club, it means the same thing – time well-spent.

For example:
Мы так оторвались на дискотеке!
[MEE TAK a-tar-VA-lis’ NA dis-ka-TYE-kye]
We had a really good time at the night club!

Now you are ready for a quick test:
1. Which two slang words also mean colors ?
2. What is a slang word for a very big and tall man?
3.  What is a slang word for having a great time?

I hope you enjoyed this lesson! Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next week!


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